COVID-19: Gov. El-Rufai opens up on deportation, plight of Almajiri children

The Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El-Rufai has said that the deportation of Almajiris from various Northern States to their indigenous States was an agreement between the governors of the region.

The Governor, speaking on Channels Television on Wednesday, said that COVID-19 lockdown only provided the opportunity for the Governors to locate the Almajiri.

He said most of the children deported from Kano State would have died of the virus had they remained in Kano, adding that over 30,000 have been sent back to their various States.

El-Rufai said that the Governors are looking for ways to end the Almajiri system because it has not helped anyone.

“We have repatriated over 30,000 in the North back to their States and we are happy to receive any Almajiri Indigenous to Kaduna State from any other State,” he said.

“The case in Kano is that if these children were not brought to us, they’ll simply had died in Kano. Some of them would survive the disease but you know, the situation.

“Northern Governors didn’t take the decision (to repatriate Almajira) because of COVID-19. COVID-19 only provided us the opportunity .

“Because COVID-19 has enabled us to know where the Almajiri are and to be able to get them back to their States. We looking for the means and ways to end this system because it has not worked for the children, it has not worked for Northern Nigeria and it has not worked for Nigeria,” he stated.

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