Nigeria Achievers Awards officially unveils her 2020 award categories

Nigeria Achievers Awards officially unveils her 2020 award categories. The award ceremony which has tagged as highly creative and one of the biggest/credible award ceremony in Nigeria, that has gradually become  a cultural and lifestyle brand to be reckoned with.

Glo May Specialities  presents the 6th Edition of the NIGERIA ACHIEVERS AWARDS 2020 themed “THE GLADIATORS AND AMAZONS ” This year’s edition is aimed at celebrating great impact, exploits and achievements, those who against every odd kept striving and are still standing tall.

Nigeria Achievers Awards is an annual award put together to celebrate and recognize outstanding personalities in our society .Celebrating and honoring notable achievers in the Nation who has toiled with their heart, soul and body in uplifting the Nation and also for those who has achieved and made it pertinent to give back to the society.  Its one of the biggest award in Nigeria that celebrates brands and creativity in all spheres of endeavours.

As usual, the NAA will be will be giving out awards to deserving talents, achievers, organizations and the brains behind the creativity which has contributed greatly to humanity and in return immensely to the growth of the industry.

The prestigious Nigeria Achievers Awards – NAA 2020 is a medium to appreciate Nigerians who are role models in diverse areas of human endeavor, especially those who have proven that through entrepreneurship and creativity, one can impact lives, create jobs and make a living. Also those who have made positive impact on Nigerian youths and the populace at large.

The award, now in its 6th edition has no fixed date yet given the current global crises but we are still projecting our annual month (November)  2020 and it promises to be a landmark event as it will showcase a more robust event that is all encompassing.

The event will also feature the crowning of the next Mr and Most Elegant Girl in Nigeria(Season 6)

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Here are 47 Prestigious Award Categories to look out for at the Nigeria Achievers Awards 2020 as Nomination kicks off June 1st and expected to end on the 30th of June 2020.

Here are the Categories:

1; Best Lead actor of the year (English)

2; Nollywood’s New Hunk

3; Best Lead actor of the year (Yoruba)

4;  Best Lead actress of the year (English)

5; Best supporting actress of the year (English)

6;  Best Lead Actress of the year(Yoruba)

7;  Nollywood’s New bride

8; Fashion designer of the year (Female);

9; Fashion designer of the year (Male)

10; Humanitarian of the year;

11; TV Personality of the year

12; Break out of the year (Music)

13;  Make up artist of the year(Movie)

14; Entrepreneur of the year

15;  Youtuber of the year

16;  Industry’s cynosure of the year (music)

17;  NGO of the year

18; Event management brand of the year

19; Entreprising youth of the year;

20; Queen of the year;

21; Producer of the year

22; Director of the year

23; Deejay of the year
24; Hair brand of the year
25;  Fashion- preneur (Designer) of the year
26; Fashion -preneur (Retailer) of the year
27; Brand influencer of the year
28; Fashion brand of the year
29;  Fashion training brand of the year
30; Comedian ( Stand up) of the year
31; Jewelry/Accessories brand of the year 
32; Entertainment investor of the year
33: Show promoter of the year
34; Interior design brand of the year
35; Skin therapy brand of the year
36; Beauty therapy brand of the year
37; CEO property development brand of the year
38; Cosmetic brand of the year
39; Confectionery brand of the year
40; Auto Shopping brand of the year
41; Outstanding Realtor of the year
42; Real Estate brand of the year
43; Youth in Diaspora
44; Young person of the year
45; Innovative youth of the year
46; CEO Leisure/recreation brand of the year
47;  Comedian (online) of the year
To nominate, send Nominee’s name, details, picture, social media handler and reason for nomination to and tag your nominees and category on Instagram @nigeriaachieversawards 
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