Days after the pricky headlines of the misappropriation of funds meant for purchase PPEs at KEMSA ,more details have emerged of yet another similar occurrance this time well played at Kenya’s leading private hospital, the Nairobi Hospital.

The Nairobi Hospital for your information is a 10billion per year, top tier luxury hospital that is frequented by the who and who’s in the country , that if you are in good books with the late Mzee Moi and Tecla Muigai of the Keroche Family cases.

The mastermind of this Covid 19 Funds siphoning being an influential member of the Hospital Board and a vocal sitting MP, things have not been as usual at the hospital .

These allegations center around the mutual relationship between the powerful Board Member and Dagoretti North MP Simba Arati with the former said to take part in almost all tenders and contracts in the hospital including pushing for special selected crony companies.






The scheeming Board Member who is a former MP joined the Board in unprecedented circumstances last year in November and was at one point implicated in another corruption case related to con sale of non-existent land to an unsuspecting Kenyan.

He is believed to be at the epitom of these allegations with the support of extra powerful personalities within the Nairobi Hospital Board.

The powerful board elements are said to have a hand in all contracts at the hospital by hijacking awarding processes to favour briefcase companies belonging to their allies hence awarding them lucrative tenders.

The very recent example is the acquisition of PPEs for frontline hospital staff handling COVID19 patients as well as the construction of a 600 million shillings COVID Hospital.

Whereas in both cases, the lucrative tenders were awarded to companies associated with cronies of the powerful cabal alligned to the hospital board.

All fingera point to the 50 million shillings PPE tender which was awarded to QPKA, a company we found to be owned by vocal Dagoretti North MP Simba Arati, who happens to be a close ally of the former MP.

Still on Arati, Dagoreti his company QPKA was registered early April this year, then was involved in the dirty dealings.Come to think of it, at the time of awarding tender the Arati company QPKA was less than two weeks old. Meaning the registration was done with heist purposely for this agenda.

Do the maths, if a single PPE goes for Ksh8200 and the hospital bought over 2000 pieces on its first order , then it means someone hard a party at the end of the dance.






This intricate web goes further beyond purchase of goods into recruitment and waylaying of key members of staff who refuse to cooperate.

With the existence of Grand Thornton recruitment firm which was brought in to ensure its connection to certain board members with veto powers gives them leverage in all the recruitment processes.It hasnt been easy on Nairobi Hospital staff.

The machineries around recruitment of staff have resulted in a disconnect between the board and Director Human Resource leading to her resignation.

The said Director has been so sidelined by these powerful forces on the Hospital Board in matters of hiring and firing of staff leaving her powerless and incognisant with HR duties at the top Hospital.

Former staff of the hospital have also complained about so many cases of nepotism and harassments and tital disregard to professionalism in the many recruitment processes.

This follows concerns that the same treatment of micromanagement has been narrowed down to other high ranking staff members considered hostile.

Our trusted sources also hinted that the Chief Operating Officer was removed by the group by the collar after refusing to collaborate with them in their activities.

Nairobi Hospital However continues to be attractive to key regional and global players such as the World Health Organisation and the United Nations as a healthcare provider despite challenges they face due to the Covid 19 Pandemic.

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