EndSARS: Protesters Hold Candle Night For All Fallen Heroes-See Video

As part of last respect, EndSARS protesters finally held candle night for all fallen heroes

News Rain Nigeria reports that EndSARS protesters tonight hold candle night for all fallen heroes, the leaders of tomorrow, whose lives were taken away untimely by the nonchalance of the leaders of today, through the brutality of the police.

Some might say the youths are just doing this just to push an agenda but it seems not, as this Protest which started a week ago and has since spread across states demanding their right “Complete removal of SARS or SWAT as it’s now called.

During the course of this fight, some were injured, some were arrested and released and unfortunately, some lost their lives which the most recent is the one which happened in Ogbomosho and Surulere.

In as much as they lost their lives fighting for their rights, the Nigerian Protesters are honoring them as they held a candle NIGHT this Friday for all the fallen heroes of the EndSARS movement.

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