For over 2 weeks, the youths cried and wailed, yet the president adamantly refused to respond…and when he finally did, he rather mentioned government properties that were destroyed and didn’t say a word concerning the lives that were lost to the bullets of trigger-happy soldiers. This simply shows where the priorities of this government lie.

Dear youth, I suggest we stop demanding ANYTHING from them.
Let’s sheathe our swords.
Let’s just keep our cool and endure the pains for now.
Even if we decide to embrace dialogue with them, forget it! People who are more concerned about buildings and buses, than human lives will not suddenly become interested in our welfare…plus, the person that can come at you with guns will surely not negotiate anything meaningful in your favour.

We are pained right now and 2023 is a very long way off. But while I encourage you to allow yourself to heal from the hurt you’re currently feeling, please, don’t forget the pain of 20.10.20.

Let that pain propel you to go to INEC office and get your PVC.
If you’ve ever nursed a leadership ambition, let this pain propel you to pick up a form for the mantle AT ANY LEVEL.

Let’s pull through the plans to register our political party.

YDP (Youths Democratic Party)

If we get it right, they can’t defeat us at the polls.
APC & PDP (combined) had a total of about 28 million votes in the 2015 elections and 26million in 2019.

Currently, Nigeria has 33.6 million youths. With this number, surely, we can win ANY election in this country.

But going by the events of the last two weeks.
They saw our momentum.
They saw our determination.
The saw our drive.
They realized that we were going to stop at nothing…and then they struck!

They sent “us” to us. They sent the ones who were unaware/oblivious of the struggles, so they can change the narrative.
They succeeded!

Right now, going forward, everyone of us has to be carried along on this fresh plan. This has to go beyond a social media drive. We have to involve those they can potentially use against us.
Let each one, educate another.
Please, make it a point of duty to convert AT LEAST, ONE SOUL; one person who isn’t on social media.

Tell them about this plan.
Let them know why they need to be part of it.

If there are no thugs to use, they won’t send their kids, neither can they perpetrate these acts themselves.

When the oppressed come together – leaving no one behind, then the oppressors wouldn’t have a choice, other than, surrender.

Let this pain spur us to take strategic steps.
May we win!

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