See What U. S President Said He Will Do To Muslims Around The World

Christianity and the Islamic religion both seem to be the most popular religious societies in the world today. Though there have been many disputes, crises and in agreement between these two religions, many presidential contestants have obliged to create the balance of peace between them. Former president of the United States of America, Donald Trump put immigration bans on Muslims into America.

But the current president of the United States of America, Joseph Biden during his presidential campaign promise to lift that law on Muslims the very first day he would be inaugurated into office. Also contributing to the fact that the Muslim votes in America amounted to about a million people, he promised to lift the ban on the basis that we all are humans and have the rights and privileges to practice our cultures and religion.

Despite the fact that former president Donald Trump still believes that he was the rightful winner of the election, I have a little feeling that President Joe Biden had a lot of not only moral support but also votings from the Islamic religion in regards to his campaign manifesto.

The fulfilling part of this is that the very day President Joseph Biden was inaugurated into power, he signed seventeen documents/contracts that countered former president Donald Trump’ s policies, one of the contracts included lifting the travel han placed on Nigeria by former president Donald Trump.

With president Joe Bidens new policies in the quest to not only make America regain her lost glory and also aid the countries in need, we do hope that his tenure as president of America yields good results to not only the United States if America but also to the world at large.

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