Honey Rush 100 Slot Overview

Bee-themed slots are many, but Play’n GO’s 2019 Honey Rush has stuck out and aged nicely. It featured a gratifying mix of bee-inspired activities, fun gameplay (even if part was borrowed), and tempting potential. So wonderful, the studio went back and created Honey Rush 100. For those unaware, PnG’s ‘100’ series enhances prior slot games. They look and sound like their predecessors but have more potential. Honey Rush 100 keeps some familiar elements and adds some new ones to keep gamers coming back.

Honey Rush/Honey Rush 100’s acoustic guitar soundtrack appears to have remained. The studio elected not to change the song since it would have been difficult to make it more homey. Music links the games, while the outdoor atmosphere and hexagonal gaming grid emphasize the connection. Its highly realistic background enhances immersion, allowing nature enthusiasts to enjoy the flowers, grassy hills, trees, and more in this outdoor arcadia. It looks and sounds good so far.

Bet selection: Tap the minus or plus buttons to choose a stake from 10 p/c to £/€50 per paid drop. If prior Play’n GO releases and the initial Honey Rush slot are any indication, gamers may expect a default RTP of 96.2% and a very erratic math model. Honey Rush 100 is a cluster-paying slot with a 7-reel grid in a 4-5-6-7-6-5-4 arrangement. A win occurs when at least 5 matching symbols appear.

Honey Rush 100 pays out 4 flowers, a bronze coin, a silver coin, a gold coin, and a diamond. Getting a cluster with 5 matching symbols pays 0.1 to 0.5 times the stake, while a 37-of-a-kind cluster pays 10 to 50 times. Observers will notice such levels are much lower than in Honey Rush.

Honey Rush 100 Slot Features

Honey Rush 100 has cascading wins, Rush Meter, Overcharge, Colony, and Sticky Wild elements.

Cluster Wins

Winning clusters remove symbols from the board. This leaves spaces filled with symbols falling from above, and a cascading win sequence terminates when no more wins occur.

Rush Meter

Cascade mechanics eliminate winning symbols to charge the Rush Meter. At certain collecting levels, Colony features are granted. Queued Colony characteristics activate when no victories occur. These are:

Level 1—the Drone Colony queues after 30 symbols.

Level 2: Worker Colony queues after 60 symbols.

Level 3—the Queen Colony queues after 90 symbols.

Farm Function

The Drone Colony feature clones the core symbol and creates at least 7 similar symbols. Working and Queen Colonies do the same with a minimum cluster size of 10-15 and 20-37 symbols, respectively.

Wild Stickiness

W symbols are wild and replace all others. Sticky wilds in winning clusters fall to free positions. When it hits the grid’s bottom edge, it falls into the honey pot, raising the win multiplier by 1. A full grid of wilds is 500x the bet.


The Rush Meter overcharges after 90 symbols. Overcharging the Rush Meter upgrades the middle symbol every 15 symbols. These symbols will update till they can’t. If the maximum upgrades are reached, the global multiplier will rise by 3. After the Drone Colony, fallen wilds contribute +2 to the multiplier; after the Worker and Queeny Colonies, they add +3. Maximum multiplier is x100.

Honey Rush 100 Slot Results

After reviewing Sweet Alchemy 100 recently, there was a sneaking feeling that Honey Rush 100 would be a bee-themed Moon Princess 100 reskin. Honey Rush 100 is a sequel, not a clone, which was a pleasant surprise. Play’n GO mixed old and new components into Honey Rush 100, which should please fans of the previous game.

Some gamers may not find enough new content in Honey Rush 100 to warrant its release. Collecting winning symbols to trigger Colony features remains the fundamental game. This time, the sticky/falling wild feature replaces the Jammin’ Jars-like jumping wild symbols, increasing the win multiplier. Wild multipliers topped out at x27 before, but the win multiplier here may reach x100, hence the name. Winning potential was unavailable at evaluation, which may or may not be a deal breaker. In the ‘100’ series, it’s usually higher than the original.

To conclude, Play’n GO has created another good ‘100’ version of one of their classic slots, which should please aficionados. Like Sweet Alchemy, the remake machine produced playable results. However, adding another do-over won’t quell concerns that Play’n GO is running out of concepts and reusing old ones.

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