Overview of the Slot Game, “Parthenon: In Search of Immortality”

NetEnt’s Parthenon Quest for Immortality is an expansion of an earlier Egyptian-themed slot game called Pyramid Quest for Immortality. The two games have a same theme of a vanished civilization at the height of its might and employ similar gameplay elements including wild generations, avalanches, and multipliers. By adding more of everything and throwing in some free spins for good measure, Parthenon Quest for Immortality raises the stakes.

With Parthenon Quest for Immortality, NetEnt poses the intriguing question: If slot machines were available in Ancient Greece, would they have been worshiped as a deity? A fair possibility exists. Most of the gods were depicted with great fervor in the classics, including Dionysus, the deity of alcohol. On the other hand, try to picture the deluge of lightning that would be thrown around if someone on Olympus was experiencing a losing streak.

When we return to the job at hand in the material world, we discover a 6-reel grid arranged as follows: 4-5-5-5-5-4. Wild Generation Zone refers to the top row, which has four spots, and serves the same purpose as the one in Pyramid Quest for Immortality. It’s a weird thing to say, but the game really does remind me of ancient Greece. The presentation is airy and reminiscent of the Classical period with elements such as statues, temples, and angular typefaces. Both Rome: The Golden Age and this NetEnt slot have a similar gameplay mechanic, making them close cousins.

The 10,000 ways to win are activated when three or more identical symbols appear left to right, beginning with the first reel. After a successful spin, the winning symbols are swept away by an avalanche, making room for other symbols to fall into their place. The avalanche function continues the procedure until no more winners materialize.

The symbols are all in line with the Hellenic theme, from the tens and aces to the tridents and snakes and Pegasus and triremes and Medusa with her serpent hair. Up to 40x the wager is available on Medusa for 6 of a kind, with the maximum premium for the other combinations being 2.5x the stake. The wild card plays a pivotal part in the game by replacing all other icons save the scatters that trigger free spins. Wilds have no intrinsic value and can be placed anywhere or generated in the Wild Generation Zone.

Slot Functions: Parthenon, In Search of Eternal Life

This edition, in contrast to Pyramid Quest for Immortality, includes a bonus round of free spins, giving players their greatest shot at winning big. In addition to this new addition, gamers of the Pyramid game will find the same useful wild creation device in Parthenon Quest for Immortality.

When the top row symbols contribute to a winning combination, they become wilds instead of filling the empty spaces with random icons. These wild symbols are not sticky or persistent in any way, and will be eliminated as usual if they are utilized in a later victory.

After an avalanche sequence, the free spins feature is activated when 3 or more scatter symbols appear on the reels; 3 scatters provide 8 free spins, and each additional scatter awards +4 more free spins. To receive an additional two free spins during the bonus round, you must gather three collection symbols. The major perk is the multiplier for free spins. It begins at x1 and rises by 1 each time a symbol is turned into a wild using the methods outlined above. The Multiplier for Free Spins can never be higher than x20.

Slot Judgment on the Parthenon’s Eternity Quest

Parthenon Quest for Immortality has a dreamy, classical atmosphere that is sure to appeal to Grecophiles. There is no shortage of slots with a Greek theme, but NetEnt’s offering has a visual style that helps it stand out. Players that enjoy this design aesthetic will be pleased with the gameplay mechanics in Parthenon Quest for Immortality.

The gameplay is fine, but it’s worth noting that winning combinations and free spins don’t always come quickly, and the bankroll tends to move up and down with no real pattern. While official hit rate data was unavailable, victories appeared to be more common than they were in Pyramid Quest for Immortality. It’s possible that the removal of the avalanche multiplier function has allowed the game to become more forgiving in terms of producing consistent victories.

Using the Wild Generation Zone, it is still feasible to string together a number of consecutive hits. In testing, we saw several humorous scenarios where wilds on reels 2 and 3 were chaining together with reel 1. There is no technological reason why the payouts couldn’t be substantially larger, but they often topped out at roughly 50x the bet despite the extended win sequences. In the case of free spins, this is especially true because activating the Wild Generation Zone also activates multipliers.

Overall, Parthenon Quest for Immortality distinguishes itself sufficiently. A nice run of avalanches may perform a fine enough job on its own, but the game would have benefited from one more small variable if NetEnt had included it in the main game. All things considered, Parthenon Quest for Immortality is an acceptable entry in the ever-popular Ancient Greek series. After the success of the Egypt and Greece versions, do you think the next Quest for Immortality will be set in the lands of the Vikings or the Irish?

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